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Florida Vision & Values

Stronger Communities

University of Florida students face serious threats to their health due to obsolete public building codes. It is imperative that we enact legislation to improve building safety and eliminate asbestos and mold infestation in our student dormitories. Floridians need access to inexpensive broadband internet and affordable housing.



One of my highest priorities will be working with representatives on both sides of the aisle to expand Medicaid for the hundreds of thousands of Florida families who cannot afford healthcare. These reforms would provide Floridians greater control over their lives and allow them to live with greater dignity.


I believe in civil liberties, individual freedom, local control, hard work, our great Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I will defend our voting and civil rights from partisan attacks, and I will protect the freedom of all Florida families to choose how they want to live and raise their children. I will use the power of the Florida Legislature to oppose bigotry and hatred anywhere in the state, including racial, identity, and religious discrimination.


We must not balance the state budget on the backs of our students. I will work to expand Bright Futures. I oppose censorship in our classrooms. I oppose limits on the power of local school boards and will reject any legislation to ban books. Our educators, parents and caregivers should be responsible for what is taught in the classroom, not state bureaucrats in Tallahassee with cynical political agendas.


Government should be a productive partner to the private sector so we can remedy the lack of good jobs in our communities. We need the Legislature to make targeted investments and create a fairer tax code to fuel Florida job growth and raise wages.


I support the legalization of marijuana in Florida for adults of legal age, and I support reforming our current approach to medical marijuana to empower small growers and local businesses to have the opportunity to take advantage of the financial windfalls of the expanding industries


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