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Our state prospers when our government invests in scientific knowledge. If elected, I will support and encourage a healthy partnership with Florida's top research universities. Important institutions like the University of Florida help the entire state when our leaders in Tallahassee support robust appropriations for basic research and the applied sciences. Those funds are used to train and educate the next generation of American scientists and engineers. By nurturing and encouraging valuable relationships between the state government and the educational community, the Florida Legislature will allow our region to continue making major contributions to agricultural developments and scientific advancements on the world stage. 


Floridians need access to inexpensive broadband internet and affordable housing. Our farmers should have the right to repair their equipment without paying ransom to large manufacturers which drives up the price of groceries.


Furthermore, our world class medical facilities in Alachua County, including UF Health, provide high quality medical care not just to North Central Florida, but to patients from across the Southeast. Our state needs to continue to invest in and support our healthcare infrastructure and training programs in this district because every Floridian deserves good health.  That starts with access to great healthcare.

As your state Representative, I will be a strong spokesman for the University of Florida and Santa Fe College during the annual budgeting process. I will advocate for new budget priorities that reinforce our district's leadership in engineering and the physical sciences. For example, I will advocate for more funding to identify the best methods of teaching math and science to our elementary and high school students. With one more ally in Tallahassee who believes in the value of science and scientific research, North Central Florida will continue to lead the way in technological innovations, valuable public health improvements and key enhancements to our national security.

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