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Our Schools

Strengthening our Schools

As I travel across the district, I frequently hear that our local schools require more funding and support to provide the highest quality of education to the next generation. Our local school boards need a productive partner in Tallahassee, a partner who embraces the value of a good education for every student. We must work to eliminate discrepancies in the quality of education available to our students. Those discrepancies undermine the strength of our communities.


We also must increase access to higher education and vocational training. I support the creation of opportunity for every Floridian by making higher education and vocational training affordable. I will support legislation to lower the cost of education and open up higher education and vocational pathways for job retraining. These efforts must be focused on veterans who seek to enter the civilian workforce, rural communities, and other important groups in our district.


One of our most important resources are our young people. Over the years, the Bright Futures Scholarship has created a successful pipeline for Florida students to obtain a quality education. In recent years, however, the Bright Futures Scholarship has been a consistent target of the Florida Legislature. We must not balance the state budget on the backs of our students. I will work to expand Bright Futures. I will stand against any efforts to defund or restrict it. 

I oppose censorship in our classrooms. I oppose limits on the power of local school boards to make decisions that best suit their communities. If elected to serve you, I will reject any legislation to ban books. Our educators, parents and caregivers should be responsible for what is taught in the classroom, not state bureaucrats in Tallahassee with cynical political agendas.


By supporting those types of irresponsible laws, our current Representative has missed an opportunity to be a real leader. There are so many problems that have yet to be addressed in the Florida public education system. Local teachers need better pay and deserve to have the resources required to do their jobs. Public education has never been fully-funded in Florida. And yet, pandering career politicians like the incumbent continue to miss opportunities to address this problem. Instead, they stoop and grovel to please their party leaders and the lobbyists who control them. 

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