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Jobs & Economy


When it comes to economic opportunity, many communities in our district have fallen behind other parts of Florida and the nation. Everyone I meet wants better access to good jobs with living wages that can support Florida’s working families. I believe government should be a productive partner to the private sector so we can remedy the lack of good jobs in our communities. We need to make targeted investments and create a fairer tax code to fuel Florida job growth. Tallahassee ought to help create an environment to attract new industries to our district; ones that are tailored to our local workforce. Small businesses are the engine that drives job creation, and we must reduce the bureaucratic red tape that makes it harder for our small- and medium-size businesses to be successful.


Additionally, we should support policies such as paid family leave and sick leave to help lift up the middle class and working families while reducing dependence on public assistance. I’m a strong supporter of organized labor. I recognize the contributions that our labor unions make towards a secure economic future for Florida families. I will demand that all state contracts use local union labor and pay prevailing wages. But unions alone cannot create economic security. We need long-term middle and working class tax relief to ensure Florida families can keep more of the money they earn. 

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