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Investing in our Infrastructure

Our roads, bridges, seaports, airports, and government buildings should be fully-funded as part of a Made in America jobs plan to generate thousands of good jobs for hard-working Floridians. This plan will increase our district’s ability to compete economically. It will improve the quality of life for every resident of the district.


As your Representative, I will immediately work with leaders in both major parties to make significant investments that improve the infrastructure in our district. The strong folks living in our North Central Florida communities have overcome unexpected business closures, crippling restrictions on commercial fishing, powerful hurricanes and catastrophic oil spills. Oftentimes we come back stronger than ever, but we deserve our fair share of investments by our state government. When I go to Tallahassee, I will bring our tax dollars home to strengthen our communities.

Tallahassee must be a better partner for the North Central Florida business community. It is outrageous that our state legislators are trying to build more private prisons when our 9-1-1 dispatch centers are dangerously unsafe. So many other industries contribute to our economy. So, why are the people in charge of our state's capital trying to divert billions of dollars to incarcerating more Floridians when those same monies can be used more effectively elsewhere? Send me to Tallahassee to push back against these sorts of bad bills and fight for common sense.

We must protect our fragile water resources. I am deeply troubled that our current elected officials are trying to divert the state's limited water supply to the South Florida sugar industry.  I am tired of public agencies selling off our springs to large corporations or licensing them to pump out millions of gallons of spring water for pennies a day and then sell it back to us in plastic bottles for dollars. Who ever imagined that our own state government would try to deny its citizens the comfort of knowing that they could always enjoy a simple drink of water?


Many roadways in the district are too old and too narrow to meet today's transportation needs. That is dangerous, and it costs lives. We need to fill potholes and replace worn asphalt, not build wasteful toll roads that nobody here wants and our state doesn't need. It's time to tell the Republican Party bosses that we don't want the asphalt paving industry to ruin our beautiful state.


Students living on the University of Florida campus are at risk of sickness due to obsolete public building codes. It is imperative that legislation be enacted to improve building safety and eliminate asbestos and mold infestation in our student dormitories.

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