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Checking Blood Pressure


One of my highest priorities will be working with representatives on both sides of the aisle to expand Medicaid for the hundreds of thousands of Florida families who cannot afford healthcare. These reforms would provide Floridians greater control over their lives and allow them to live with greater dignity. Your state government can address some of the weaknesses of the healthcare delivery system we have now. For example, we must do what we can to ensure that nobody uses the hospital emergency room as a source of primary care. The current healthcare system is a disaster for far too many families living in our district.


I’m committed to increasing access to quality healthcare in the rural parts of our district. As a resident of a rural community myself, I understand the critical need for better healthcare services in these communities. I will not allow Tallahassee to continue to neglect rural Florida. My home county needs a hospital now, like so many other rural counties across our great nation. It makes no sense that a critically-ill patient should have to endure an hour-long ambulance ride to the nearest medical care facility.


Last but certainly not least, I’ve personally witnessed the ravages of the opioid crisis in our district and throughout our state. Other than empty promises, Tallahassee has failed to address the damage to our communities caused by opioid addiction. I will support a real plan that will save lives and restore hope for Florida families affected by this horrific situation. It’s absolutely nuts that addicts can get their next fix more easily than they can access life-saving treatment.

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