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Florida Values
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As your Representative, I’ll never forget where I come from or the Florida values that were instilled in me by my parents, my grandparents, and my teachers. Officials in Tallahassee desperately need some common sense and straight talk…fresh from North Central Florida. I’m going to give it to them, while fighting every day to protect our way of life.

One of these Florida values is considerate treatment of our diverse communities here in the district and across the state. If elected, I will use the power of the Florida Legislature to oppose bigotry and hatred anywhere in the state, including racial, identity, and religious discrimination. I will work to enact legislation that funds Holocaust education in our public schools, and oppose efforts to censor history. We must recognize and defend the basic human dignity of all Floridians, especially groups that have been singled out historically for unfair treatment. Everyone deserves the freedom to be safe from bigotry. Hatred has no place in our state.

I believe in civil liberties, individual freedom, local control, hard work, our great Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I will defend both our Second Amendment rights and our voting rights from attacks by political extremists, while advocating for responsible gun laws ownership. I will protect the freedom of all Florida families to choose how they want to live and raise their children. Floridians know better than Tallahassee bureaucrats, and I’ll be the strongest advocate for Florida values the Florida House of Representatives has ever seen.

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