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Farming & Agriculture

Supporting Farming, logging, Fishing & Agriculture

Farming, Logging, Fishing, and Agriculture are at the heart of House District 22, supporting thousands of jobs and significant economic development. These industries are the lifeblood of many of our rural communities. As your Representative, I promise to champion our local agriculture and fishing industries, supporting agricultural measures that work for North Central Florida, as well as environmental policies that make it easier for our local industries to be successful and sustainable. I will oppose oil drilling off the coast of Florida that would endanger our local fishing and tourism industries. You can count on me to oppose any policy that undermines our ability to export Florida agricultural products to the global market.

I also support reforming our cannabis, hemp, and medical marijuana laws to meet a 21st century standard. Simply put, I support the legalization of marijuana in Florida for adults of legal age, and I support reforming our current approach to medical marijuana to empower small growers and local businesses to have the opportunity to take advantage of the financial windfalls of the expanding industries for cannabis and hemp. A few big businesses and their high-powered lobbyists should not control the entire cannabis industry in Florida. Legalizing marijuana would be a singular accomplishment for criminal justice reform, but it requires leaders who actually support individual freedom. Citizens who have suffered the most from the war on marijuana should be permitted to benefit from the economic opportunities generated by the modernization of  our cannabis laws.

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