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Civil & Voting Rights


Why Crypto?

A cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that is more secure than traditional forms of currency.  

What are some of the benefits?

  • Cryptocurrency is not tied to a particular nation. 


Cryptocurrency strictly represents itself, and its value is determined by what someone is willing to trade for it. Cryptocurrencies are insulated from the political activities of government officials and the monetary control policies of central banks.

  • Cryptocurrency is almost impossible to forge. 


It operates on a blockchain. The “block” is composed of chunks of encrypted data. The “chain” is the public database in which the blocks are stored and sequentially related to each other.

  • Cryptocurrency cuts out the middleman.

Transactions through financial institutions like banks can be cumbersome, bureaucratic and slow. Transactions with a cryptocurrency are smooth and fast once users are familiar with the process of using this digital money.

Innovation is one of the key principles that has made America the country it is today.  I support innovative technologies like cryptocurrency as an advancement towards more personal freedom and a better Florida for everyone.

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