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Protecting our civil and voting rights

Our laws protect everyone, regardless of their wealth, status, or background. That is one of the reasons I became an attorney - to represent the common man and woman when they need it most. Our state Legislature must always work to uphold the existing laws that protect us, and pass new laws to protect our citizens' basic human rights.

For centuries, discrimination was the law of the land, and many Floridians lacked basic protections. But through the passionate and tireless work of so many brave people in Florida and across our nation, the “arc of the moral universe” began to “bend towards justice” decades ago in the immortal words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. However, Republicans in Tallahassee have been working hard to take us backwards, attacking our voting rights and other civil liberties. They have made concerted efforts to strip away the rights of women, and are trying to pass bills with their legislative majority that would undermine the rights of all Floridians to exchange ideas freely or engage in peaceful protests. Each of these attacks on our freedom undermines our ability to attract job-creating businesses to Florida.

Using my knowledge of the law and my passion for justice, I will lead the fight against these regressive efforts. During my professional career, I have consistently fought against voter suppression laws in Florida. I look forward to the opportunity to stand in the breach and fight for the rights of all Floridians to be healthy, prosperous, and safe as your new Representative in Tallahassee. Every Floridian must be allowed to exercise the freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.


Women’s Rights


Every American should have the right to choose whom to start a family with, if and when to start a family, and how many children to have. Pregnancy is never something that should be forced on women by the government.


The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade is a terrible blow to women's rights. This ruling is a direct assault on women and their families. It attacks a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. These highly personal and very important decisions should be made on the individual level and without interference from the government. As a state legislator, I will fight to protect every Floridian's right to privacy and individual freedom. Florida’s Constitution demands nothing less.


With the Supreme Court returning the regulation of abortion to the individual states, it is even more critical that we elect legislators who will oppose heavy-handed laws that hurt women, take over family planning and undermine the right of personal autonomy. If the Florida Legislature can force women to give birth, it can also do the opposite. The last thing we want to see is a group of cynical politicians targeting certain people as unworthy of bringing children into the world. It is not the role of our state government to make these types of extremely personal decisions for us.